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Como les comente en el post boho vibes shein es una marca que adoro! me encantan sus piezas y sus increíbles precios y lo mejor es que a partir de 30$ tienes free shipping excelente no? así que para que tengas una idea de algunas de sus piezas te voy a compartir algunas de mis favoritas.


As I told you before in the post boho vibes shein is a brand that I love! I love their pieces and their incredible prices, so here you have an idea of some of wonderful pieces. and the shipping is free if you spent more than 30$ which is great, right? I will share my wish list with all of you as follow:



sheinNavy blouse


multicolor pom pom sandals Multicolor pom pom sandals


Bomber jacketBomber jacket


Bodycon dressBodycon dress


        Off The Shoulder Top Off The Shoulder Top
Off the shoulder top


Black Patch jumpsuitBlack patch jumpsuit


      High Low Blouse High Low Blouse
High Low Blouse


sheinLong blouse


maxi dressMaxi dress


pyjama jumpsuitPyjama jumsuit

Abajo de cada una de ellas te coloque su vinculo directo, que te pareció la selección?
All of the pictures has the link to the website where you can check it out for more information, so what do you think about my wish list?

Besos y nos leemos en un proximo post!
Kises and see you on the next post!!

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